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oct6 chi puppymill transport gilmer TX to opelika AL

Chile Pepper

Purred: Thu Sep 27, '07 11:25am PST 
THESE DOGS WILL BE PUT DOWN IF THE TRANSPORT DOES NOT FILL. They can all be put into a small car. Even if it is tight its better than death.

If you cannot help but would like to sponsor gas for part of the trip or make a donation to help with their HUGE vet bills to come email me.

Please email if you can help do not reply to the list.

Please email
home # 334-864-7665
cell # 334-321-8083
If you feel you can help transport these dogs, please fill out the information below when you agree to do a leg and e-mail back to me. All help is most appreciated:
Leg you want to do:_________________________________
Name:_________________________ ___________________
E-mail Address:____________________________________
Home Phone:_______________________________
Cell Phone:___________________________________
Vehicle Description:________________________________
License Plate:_____________________________________
Meeting Place if you have one:______________________

SATURDAY, Sept. oct 6 , 2007

Leg 1) Gilmer,TX- Shreveport, LA
86miles-1hr50mins 7AM-8hi50AM

Leg 2) Shreveport, LA-Ruston,LA
68miles-1hr8mins 8hi50AM-9hi58AM


Leg 3) Ruston,LA - Tallulah, LA
88miles-1hr28mins 9hi58AM-11:26AM


Leg 4) Tallulah, LA -Jackson,MS
67miles- 1hr9mins 11:26AM-12:35PM


Leg 5) Jackson, MS - Meridian, MS
92 miles- 1hr32mins 12:35PM- 2:07PM


Leg 6) Meridian,MS - Tuscaloosa, AL
95miles-1hr34mins 2:07PM-3:41PM


Leg 7) Tuscaloosa, AL - Birmingham, AL
57miles- 57mins 3:41PM-4:38PM


Leg 8) Birmingham, AL - Montgomery, AL
91miles- 1hr33mins 4:38PM-6:11PM


Leg 9) Montgomery, AL -Opelika, AL
61miles- 58mins 6:11PM-7:09PM


Date of transport: Saturday Oct.6 , 2007
City State traveling from: Gilmer, TX
City State traveling to: Lafayette, AL
Breed: 10+/- puppymill chihuahuas
Age: all
Gender:I think all females maybe a male or two
Neutered: not spayed (we will do it in rescue-right away)
size/weight:chi sized
Behavioral Problems: They are not to be walked on the transport. They are very shy and not housetrained. they will run away. The have lived caged in a mill.
Items traveling with: Please bring carriers with you for your leg. Please bring newspaper or pee pads and water and a bowl with you for your leg. They can all be put into one large carrier or separated into smaller ones.
Group responsible for animal: Chihuahua & Toy Breed Rescue
City & State group is based in: Lafayette, AL
Reason for transport: coming from a puppymill. They will be put down if this transport does not fill.
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