Do you have a weather radio? We had tornadoes in our area!!


Mommy's fuzzy- orange baby
Purred: Sun Sep 23, '07 5:40pm PST 
Last night we had bad storms in Lake County and Orange County, Florida. Late at night our weather radio went off warning us of a coming tornado! My mommy woke up my boy (her teenage son) and put us both in the laundry room--the only room without windows. He didn't like to be woken up and I didn't like to be locked in the laundry room. Mommy and Daddy called lots of friends to wake them up. I sure hope that everyone one of my cat friends has a weather radio! Thankfully, the tornado missed our house. It touched down about ten minutes from our house. There were over 50 homes either destroyed or damaged. No humans were seriously hurt and I haven't heard a pet report. One of Mommy's cow0rkers had to evacuate her mobile home. She wrapped her three kitties in a blanket and put them in the van. Everyone went to Grandma's house for the night. Their mobile home was okay but it's better to be safe. I do not like storms at all and we are having so many of them! If your family doesn't have a weather radio, please have your mommy or daddy order one. They can get one from Radio Shack online. We have one that has a loud buzzer for 30-60 seconds. It will wake you up! Then a man comes on and reads the warnings and recommendations. My mommy can set it for our specific area. It is enough warning to get you up out of bed or turn off a video or something and put on the local weather. Every kitty should also have an emergency carrier ready to go with a collar with emergency contacts and a soft blankie just in case. Let's all keep safe!!!