Purred: Wed Sep 19, '07 10:38am PST 
We haven't gone public with this, , but we are devotees of the SmushyRuffyiite movement, dedicated to the principles set forth by our great predecessor, Cookie-Puss. We encourage kindness (and deference) to animals everywhere.The late Ruff was an avatar, to be sure. Smushy is well on the way to enlightenment; I'm a mere novice. Uncle Pita was a Crowite, an order of SmushyRuffyiism.. We haven't totally thought out our "dogma" (dogs are welcome), but we know we have a good idea.
When I stray from the precepts, Smushy licks me into submission with the Tongue of Truth.
Care to participate in the SmushyRuffyiite revolution?
Smushy's particular talisman is the Ladybug of Joy. I prefer the Feathered Stick of Tolerance.