If the election was today...

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Busby Renee- Graham

I'm too sexy for- my fur
Purred: Sat Sep 15, '07 3:47pm PST 
Who would you cats vote for? We really like Kucinich but if the election was today, we would vote for Clinton. What about you? thinking

Pawstuctaway- Serengeti

Princess of my- Domain
Purred: Mon Sep 17, '07 1:29am PST 
I'm a Democat for Hillary!!!!

Dereck (R.I.P) and Koshka

Dereck the sexy- cat & Koshka- pretty girl
Purred: Mon Sep 17, '07 8:45am PST 
If elections were today, most likely we would vote for Hillary too.cheerkittyapplause

Dereck (R.I.P) and Koshka

Dereck the sexy- cat & Koshka- pretty girl
Purred: Mon Sep 17, '07 5:54pm PST 
Hey guys, we found this cool link were you can listen questions and answers by all democratic candidates:



Si se puede!- Peace is- patriotic!
Purred: Tue Sep 18, '07 11:09am PST 
Hey all you paws for peaceniks! Nice link on getting electoral answers Dereck & Koshka! We like some of Kucinich and Edwards, as well as parts of Obama. We tend to lean to Hillary right now and would totally vote for her as the party's nominee should it come to that. Gotta say, any one of our candidates is better option than what the republican candidates are promoting and certainly an improvement from what the current administration is doing. In the meantime, hang tough, register to vote, and get the vote out when the time comes. Stay informed and keep the lines of communication open!

Pawstuctaway- Serengeti

Princess of my- Domain
Purred: Wed Sep 19, '07 1:31am PST 
Mom is continuing to paw around New Hampshire for Hillary~~I have gotten way to few stroller rides due to this. I am donating stroller rides to the campaign, as I don't think they accept KittyCash~~Mom has been hitting the pavement all summer long & the folks didn't get their getaway they had planned.
The biggest disappointment in the last election was the American people!!!!!! Not they I will ever believe Bush was elected in either election but it shouldn't have come down to chads in Florida and irregular voting in Ohio...sigh

Sallysue- (1998 - Nov 2006)

love is all we- need
Purred: Wed Sep 19, '07 5:04am PST 
Hillary is our choice, although we would be fine with Edwards or Obama.

Alan Greenspan said on 60 minutes that Bill Clinton was the best president he worked with and thought him a brilliant leader. Greenspan also said he thougth Hillary was very qualified and capable to be president, but he would vote republican.
Go figure ....and we thought he was so smart! laugh out loud


Miss Maya white- feets
Purred: Wed Sep 19, '07 5:30am PST 
Greenspan. . .sigh laugh out loud

Well we are officially supporting Obama but my mom will vote for whoever wins the Democratic nomination. She thinks Hillary would do a good job, but she is worried about the animosity people have toward her. That would be a big negative for us in a campaign. We don't really think that people have a REAL understanding of who she really is, just a stereotype based on Republicans bashing her over the years. Maybe she can turn that around? Edwards has a lot of good ideas too. We think Obama would be good for uniting the different factions of the country and also working with international allies.

ღ- Mojotiki- ღ

Purred: Wed Sep 19, '07 1:16pm PST 
"YOU MIGHT WAN"NA" be careful when listening to Obama!!!! remember , if it sounds to good to be true, it is'nt true!!!When i hear him and what he has to say, i only think of one thing , i remember what the BIBLE tells us, "IT WILL COME TO YOU IN MANY DIFFERENT FORMS"!!! "CLINTON ALL THE WAY"!!!!!applauseapplauseapplauseapplauseshhshh:-shhshh

Pawstuctaway- Serengeti

Princess of my- Domain
Purred: Thu Sep 20, '07 1:37pm PST 
I would also cation with Obama. I like him but he's to polished & oft time very global. We just had a governor's election (last year) up here in Mass. The got this guy Patrick. He never said anything during the campiagn but was a very polished, smooth talking man. The candidate running against him was great...but didn't speak as well in public....course we got the polished guy.....Now even his supporter are going WHOOOOO~~He is transforming ( or tying to) the DSC into his cheering board.......sigh

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