Don't have time to have a pet?


A meow massages- the heart....
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The Bite

Volunteer at your local animal shelter - it's a great way to get a quick fix with four-legged friends. Plus, research shows that spending time with pets leads to a longer life, so spending time could mean gaining it.

The Benefits

Fuzzy love without a full-time commitment.
A longer life. A study by the U.S. Department of Health found that 28% of heart patients who spent time with pets survived serious heart attacks, compared to 6% of patients without.
Saving lives. Shelters have to turn away many animals due to lack of resources and help, so giving your time can save lives.
Gaining experience. Employers and college admissions officers like to see that you're helping in the community.

Personally Speaking
Jen loves volunteering at the local Humane Society
but it's a little dangerous since she often ends up bringing animals back to live with her, and she already has enough animals to fill an ark.

Wanna Try?

Pets 911 - enter your ZIP to find a shelter near you.