Stomach problems


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Purred: Sun May 20, '07 10:29am PST 
Hello all. I was wondering if any other owners have problems with their Tonks throwing up. Sometimes both Tyra & Bailey throw up. I have tried numerous types of food & hairball remedies to no avail. Our other cat is a different breed and doesn't throw up so I know it is nothing in the house that is causing it. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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I'm a first time kitty owner - so I don't think I can help...however I just wanted to say I hope they are doing better....purrs

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Hi Tyra. Mom feeds us Nutro Indoor formula and i do very well on it. The food is natural, so it is alot easier on my tummy. I actually don't have many hairballs either. but maybe try the Nutro and see what happens. I hope I helped.

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My meowm says that some of us have troubles, allergies, etc., with certain foods.
Corn can be a trouble maker. Is any corn an ingredient in your food?
Another thought may be, are you a fast eater? We call this scarf and barf. If you are eating too fast, one way to help this is put a ping pong ball in your dry food dish. This darn ball gets in the way of us fast eaters and we have to slow down.

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I used to eat too fast and throw up, probably because I was still nervous as I'd just come from a shelter to my new home, and it lasted weeks! I'm ok now, but the vet says things that are making me anxious make my tummy dodgy (I get the runs too!)


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My tonk seems to eat to fast and she pukes. Try taking her into a room with just you every 3 hours for 10 minutes each time to eat. DO NOT LET HER EAT TO FAST!!!!naughty