5/16/2007 -- Trivia Question

Elisabeth- Ann

Doodle Noodle
Purred: Wed May 16, '07 3:20pm PST 
Which country does this flag belong to? Hint It was uninhabited until the Portuguese arrived in the 14oo's.

http://www.slide.com/s/NCF_KTU9yD_LWEQ46XOs5aavpOC3UpuU?s k=0&cy=gn&th=0


~ EA

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Cute Calico
Purred: Thu May 17, '07 2:38am PST 
Hmmthinking that's a hard one.


The Wanderer
Purred: Mon May 21, '07 7:41pm PST 
I think it's The Republic of Cape Verde off the African Coast...Is it?