Removing Junk Code When Hotlinking

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Purred: Wed May 9, '07 5:25am PST 
Many woofs and meows hotlink to sites such as and These are just 2 of many sites that you can find backgrounds, images, and cursors.

You will find that hotlinking from these type of sites will also put banners and graphical links on your page, which clutter and makes your page not look so nice. This is because junk is added to the code that is not necessary. I will give you some examples:
th eir code: <a href=""> <img alt="MySpace images" border="0" src="" ></a><p style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0"><a href="">MySpace</a></p>

*what your really need: <img src="" >

their code:<br><center><a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a><body background=" drawing_board_6.gif"><br></center>

*what your really need:<body background=" drawing_board_6.gif">

*in a css(stylesheet): <style>body{background-image:url(" nt/background/drawing_board/drawing_board_6.gif");</style>

their code: <a href=""><br><center><img alt="Cursors" src="" border="0"></center><body style="cursor:url(' ure_19.ani')"></body><br></a>

*what your really need: <body style="cursor:url(' ure_19.ani')">

*in a css(stylesheet): <style>body{cursor:url(" nature/nature_19.ani");}</style>
~~~~~~~~ ~~~
their code: <BODY BACKGROUND="">& lt;CENTER><p><IMG SRC=""><p></CENT ER>

*what your really need: <BODY BACKGROUND="">

*in a css(stylesheet): <style>body{background-image:url(" unds/bluedolphins.gif");</style>

their code: <STYLE TYPE="text/css" >BODY{cursor: url(;}
A{cursor: url(;}
</STYLE> <CENTER><p><IMG SRC=""><p>&l t;/CENTER>

*what your really need: <STYLE TYPE="text/css"> BODY{cursor: url(;}</STYLE>

*i n a css(stylesheet): <style>body{cursor:url(" .ani");}</style>

These above examples will get you started and help you to pick out what part you really do need. Every site you hotlink from is mostly the same. Just look for the actual part that runs what you want and toss out the rest.

George- Underwood

Purred: Thu May 10, '07 7:48pm PST 
Cool Dakota I had already figured out that the >junk between here< simply makes a clickable link to the orgin site and isn't necessary but didn't know I could get rid of all that other stuff...I'm gonna use your examples to clean my page up...Thanks!


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Purred: Tue May 15, '07 4:05am PST 
Wow Dakota, that is really great, thanks a lot!!!!
Mom can get rid of some of the junk ads but sometimes she messes up the link. This really helps, thanks cloud 9snoopysnoopy

AND - Thanks so much for inviting me, this group is PAWSOME!! I know Mom and I will learn a lot and maybe we can help out some pup or kitty too, thanks again!!


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Purred: Tue May 22, '07 3:49pm PST 
There has been a lot of questions about Rock You. I don't have much experience with Rock You. I will do my best to explain.

Rock You is set up in a table with cells with your slideshow inserted. If you wish to only have the slideshow and nothing else, you need to remove all the table stuff.

Your code will look something like this:

<embed src=" XXXX" quality="high" salign="lt" width="400" height="300" wmode="transparent" name="rockyou" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage=""></ embed>

The X's are 'your' slideshow numbers. You can also adjust the width and height. It is a lot easier to find without all that table stuff. Yes wink ?

Kyu-Jin- (2003 - 2007)

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Purred: Wed Jun 6, '07 3:24pm PST 
Thanks for the very clear instructions with this! I've updated my pages with some new silly stuff, thanks to this group!


Remasau- rus
Purred: Wed Jun 13, '07 3:17pm PST 
Thank you so much, your instructions are PAWSOME !!

I got rid of all those ads on my page, YAAAHOOOOO !! snoopysnoopy

Kaci- Sunshine - Beloved- Angel

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Purred: Fri Jul 6, '07 4:11pm PST 
Thank you Dakota! I followed what you wrote and was able to get rid of all of the advertising junk code on my page.


T C ♥- (an angel- always)

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Purred: Mon Aug 6, '07 7:00am PST 
This is just the greatest! Mommy has already cleaned up my brothers page. Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmm can I ask you a question? Most of the cats & the dog in my furrmily have Pyzam backgrounds. Is there a way to clean up their codes? I told my mommy to just read all the words you gave; but she doesn't listen so well
Thanks, T C


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Purred: Thu Aug 30, '07 10:22am PST 
My Mom is trying to get rid of an image that came along with some ebbed music. She's pulling her hair out.

Can someone look at our sister, Brandys page to see what we mean.
It's for the music.



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Purred: Thu Aug 30, '07 10:25am PST 
This is the coding for it.

ok....why won't it let me post the code?confused

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