Just how mean are you??


Cats Rule!!
Purred: Sat Apr 28, '07 2:09pm PST 
Now meowmy get's very upset with me because I mistreat her poor wittle puppy dogs. I also pester that great orange blob cat of hers too. Garfield may stand up to me and we have real good fights, those dogs just run and hide. Mom has to put me in another room and close the door just so she can take the dogs out each morning. See I like to stand in the kitchen by the door and when those yapping dummies come running up the stairs to go out I pounce. Boy do they turn tail and run. However there is one who got me the other day. She's bigger than the others and from what I've been told she's way old too. Something like 11 or 12 and she's been know to put the youngsters in our places from time to time. Okay I will just not bother her, but those weenies are all mine. MEOWHAHAHA!!!


Purred: Tue Jun 17, '08 8:38am PST 
mwahaha!I like chasing the new kittens all around the barn...big grinkitty