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The Tuxedo Tabby- ; )
Purred: Fri Apr 20, '07 2:21pm PST 
Purrs everykitty!

This is a thread for us to share our suggestions for Simba's party to make it the Best Party she has ever Has!!! YAAAAAAYYYY!!!



The Tuxedo Tabby- ; )
Purred: Fri Apr 20, '07 2:24pm PST 
I would like to suggest 2 games:

1) 2 Pinatas of the NEEDLE LADY for Simba to Bash!! (twice the fun)
2) "Pin the Needle on the Needle Lady" (with her butt as the target! MOL!!)

I will have my secretary work on Photoshopping these babies! *giggle*

Samoa - Diva Angel

Supreme- Detective &- Beauty Queen
Purred: Sat Apr 21, '07 7:50pm PST 
Bella - I mentioned this in the other thread -

a photo stroll is always fun. We could do two - one for the day party and one for the night party.

Someone will have to come up with the photo tag. I always check out the tag first to make sure it hasn't been used before.


Fuzzy and lovin'- it!
Purred: Sat Apr 21, '07 8:15pm PST 
Hey kitties???
How about overloading Simbas treat counter again???
It maxes out at 250K but we can get started now- Simple, easy, kind of silly and NOT REALLY party related, but Sim loved when her counter 'broke' the first time that we did that for her.
Excellent idea about the picture stroll, Samoa!
way to go
I will check on some tag ideas tomorrow.


Sweet Cheeks !!
Purred: Sun Apr 22, '07 6:04am PST 
great idea on the treat marathon again gordy!
when do we start!!


Sweet Cheeks !!
Purred: Sun Apr 22, '07 6:05am PST 
* bats head with paw* I just saw you said we could start now, silly Smudge! MOL
ok am ready for some Paw cramps MOL


Calgon take me- away...
Purred: Sun Apr 22, '07 7:27pm PST 
A tip for kitties who will be leaving her bunches of treats... Just in case you didn't know, if you give a treat, then leave the treat window open and push the F5 button on your keyboard and hold it down you can give lots and lots of treats!

It sure beats having to leave each treat individually! laugh out loud


Live, Laugh,- Love
Purred: Mon Apr 23, '07 11:20am PST 
Oh!! Such Wonderful ideas!!! I can't wait!!! I really like the idea of poking that needle lady back!!! Simba will just love it!!! MOL!!!

So, we can start leaving treats now???


Fuzzy and lovin'- it!
Purred: Mon Apr 23, '07 12:07pm PST 
Yeah- treats are OK to leave now since she won't know where they all come from.


snooty puss
Purred: Thu Apr 26, '07 3:17pm PST 
Okay kitties! Time to get creative!
Ming Ming's Mom came up with the idea to e-mail her pictures of each of us so she could put them all together in a book fro Simba!!!! She suggested a 5X7 picture with a paw print and your signature on it or just your name printed would be cool. Ming Ming's mom said she could BIND for showing off too!!! How cool an idea is THAT???
So my cool cats, what do you think?

Ming Ming's mom's email address is Please put for Simba or something like that in the subject line so she doesn't think it's those nasty SPAMMERS!


Thanks Ming Ming & mom!!!!!!

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