The REAL Riddle of the Sphynx


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Do you think they're especially affectionate like everyone says...or are they just trying to keep warm?

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Hello there! wave

Buda's mom here. I think they are specially affectionate. I've had cats all my life and had both affectionate and shy ones. Buda is my first sphynx (my second, Freya, will be with us in 8 days!!!)cheer and I've never seen a cat so affectionate and loving as a sphynx. They love to be with people and he can't stop purring, he purrs ALL the time!

So yes, I think is the breed because I've never heard of a shy sphynx.

Ali (Buda's mom)


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I think you're right smile

Be sure to post a pic of Freya!

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I agree .. we are just especially lovable. We love our humans because they take such good care of our special needs! We want them to know how much we love them!

My mommy had a torti (rest in peace) that was lovable like us, but she didnt like to snuggle like I do!



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Nofuratu is particularly fond of my husband - he just loves his dad...Butch (my husband) has a beard, and Nofuratu likes to sit on his chest and rub his face against the beard...and, he gets jealous if I kiss Butch! Last night, we were kissing each other on the couch and Nofuratu jumped up on to Butch's chest, and stuck his hand between us as if to say "No, no, that's my beard!" and pulled Butch's face towards him so he could rub up against him. It's very funny to see a cat so devoted to one person. Nofuratu loves me too, and will only sleep with me when it's cold, but on a day to day basis, he really favors his dad.

Nofuratu's mom,


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That's funny Nofur, hehehe. I also like being with dad more, it must be a guy thing. Freya is has this thing for mom now that she HAS to be with her at all times. I guess it's a girls thing laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

I love meowmy but dad is dad, he's the super hunter that gets our tuna and our food and our treats, dunno how he does it but he's a great one! Freya loves meowmy way to much, she loves to lay on her legs, chest, you name it, and loves to lick her arm and purrs loudly.

I guess we're just too cute and loving.

Oh, almost forgot, we're honored by Catster cheerapplauseapplauseapplause Finally Catster is giving us the credit we deserve for being so beautiful, loving cats, hehehe.