Who's your favorite Yankee???

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Tabitha has my- heart
Purred: Thu May 17, '07 10:22am PST 
mine (moms) Is Andy Pettitte, Derek Jeter and a few others of course!


Fuzzy and lovin'- it!
Purred: Thu Oct 4, '07 8:38pm PST 
JOBA's getting up there....

Greta (now- in kitty- heaven)

Purred: Sun Feb 24, '08 4:27pm PST 
Joba has some great stuff. I don't know if he's ready to be a starter in the bigs just yet...I'm glad they're keeping him in the bullpen for now.

To answer the main question, mama and me listed our favorite Yankees in my diary entry today! I like the catchers but mama likes different players. Mine are Jorge Posada and Jose Molina. It's great that now we finally have 2 reliable catchers...we went thru a few bad ones but we now have a good combination. I guess the reason I like the catchers so much is because I love to catch things myself....mice, toy balls, anything flying in the air!

Mama loves Johnny Damon. She thinks he's even better looking now that he's more clean cut. She also really likes Phil Hughes. This kid is simply amazing.

Mama wanted me to mention one player we really like who has gone on to heaven....Phil Rizzuto, the Scooter himself. He was a great player on field, a great guy off the field, and a heck of an announcer!


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Alex (The- Angel)

Alex has left- the building
Purred: Mon Feb 25, '08 9:02pm PST 
Hi Cats, thanks for the invite. Favorite active player? Derek Jeter

Favorite past player? Joltin' Joe DiMaggio!
(a fellow San Franciscan!)

Go Yanks!

jeter harris- (hizself)

Life iz grate!
Purred: Sat Apr 5, '08 6:23am PST 
altho i still luv (an alwayz will) da grate derek jeter (becuz he'zza tru yankee an a captin dat supportz hiz teem all da way!) mi mom can't get enuff uv joba! she knowz he'zza kid ... but she luvz him!

gee ... i hope joe g. iz ok.thinking

Angel Spirit

Thank God for my- Momcat!
Purred: Thu May 29, '08 6:52pm PST 
My favorite old Yankees would have to be Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. My favorite new guy is Jeter. And I miss Joe Torre.kitty

Sable - ~Love you- Always~

Ride the Wild- Wind
Purred: Tue Aug 5, '08 3:43pm PST 
Paul O'Neil and Tino Martinez!


I Love Bull-Boy!
Purred: Fri Sep 4, '09 8:04pm PST 
Derek Jeter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance


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