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Prof Mango, Esq - smarter than you- think
Purred: Sat May 9, '15 8:11am PST 
So glad you are all here, makes me happy! smilesmile

Cow!Cat- ♥

Diamond in the- rough
Purred: Thu Apr 21, '16 8:06pm PST 
I saw my buddy Mr. D. said something about checking out this comfy chair, so I figured I'd better race over and claim it before he does! laugh out loud There is nothing I like more than a soft, warm, yet lofty perch from which I can observe all the other cats! (Well, there is one thing I like more - the Mama!)

It seems Leo has been doing his best to ignore me ever since I showed up here, so I suppose I should go ahead and introduce myself to all you Furts. I'll be 11 years old in June. A lot of the older Furts have been my furriend since I was a young and feisty wildcat, and have watched me grow up into the mellow Furt I am today. I found my family when I was a fierce and studly feral, and it took a very long time before I was ready to calm down, learn to be civilized, and move inside to live the good life. I had some illnesses when I was younger, but life's been good to me these past few years. I'm a little skinnier than I used to be, and I've turned into a lover, not a fighter. (I even cuddle up with Leo now, when he's asleep and doesn't know I'm doing it.)

There are three cats here that are younger than me, but I've taught them well, so they tend to leave me alone. I do keep them on their toes by bopping them every so often! What I like best is having a warm cozy spot on the porch or in the living room, from which I can keep an eye things. That, and snuggling with the humans when they're reading or watching tv, though I wish they would just sit and stay still instead of always popping up to do their pointless tasks. But not too much ticks me off these days, other than the computer that thinks it owns the Mama's lap!

I've looked up to the Olde Furts for most of my life, so I'm furry glad to be able to join you all at last! happy dancehappy dancehappy dance

Head bonks,

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Misha Angel

Misha Mouse- snuggle muffin
Purred: Sun Jun 5, '16 5:29pm PST 
Welcome,Buddy!! Great to see you here welcome

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