Hey there, new and just joined!


ummmm sleep
Purred: Sat Feb 24, '07 2:39am PST 
Hey there,

We are two new brits who would like to join you guys. I am Magnus and I'm 3. I'm cream colored and super handsome. My slave says I'm a little chunky but she clearly doesn't know that brits aren't supposed to be skinny! 4 weeks ago, and baby moved in. He's a blue brit and after manhandeling him a little, he isn't quite as naughty anymore. Can you believe guys than when I was napping britstyle on my back, just chillin' the little devil was looking for "the milkbar" on my tummy?!?!? does he not know that only females have those?? oh well i am sure he will grow on me, and in the meantime I'd like to find some friends who, like me, enjoy the finer things in life, like snoozing till 4pm, eating and demand my slaves attention.

take care


~*MissyMomma- *~

"Ya got- TheMissy,- TheBunnee,- &TheButter"
Purred: Tue Jun 24, '08 3:20pm PST 
Hey Magnus!

We just joined too{in honour of MissyMomma's 8th birthday today!}
Missy's a "Lowlander"--a registered BritishShorthair with long hair.
Jaken is fifteen and still pretty handsome, even with just one tooth--he's a blue mack tabby Persian who actually has a NOSE.

{I like 'em like that--i can't stand all the ugly unhealthy extremism!}

Now L'ilWinston is the baby in the family. He's a registered BritishShorthair with--and here's the kicker--SHORTHAIR.

We love him.

Missy still destests him.

Jaken is just Jaken--everything rolls right off his back and nothing bothers him.

My husband thinks i'm crazy!