Midnight - funds raised and treatment given


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Hello everyone,

Midnight's human here....just wanted to post an update on Midnight. Thanks to the donations made to Cats In Crisis, CIC was able to help with a total of $510 towards Midnight's treatment! Added to the the amount her human raised as well, Midnight's treatment is fully paid for. Thank you so much to everyone who donated!!

Midnight went in for treatment yesterday. You can see regular updates on Midnight's progression after treatment at her myspace page:


For those of you who don't know Midnight's story, all information is at the link above. smile

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Excellent news! I assume the treatment was the radiation therapy? I know at least a couple kitties in this group have been through it and would love to hear how it's working out for you. Always glad to hear when a kitty is cured of this disease! I couldn't go that route because of my kidney disease, but luckily the pills are working pretty well, and I don't really mind them. Take care, and keep us posted!

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Great news! I'm taking medication right now and hope to get radiation treatment soon. Please post how it works out.