Any fellow Canadians out there?


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Purred: Mon Jan 8, '07 9:22am PST 
I'm new to Caster and wondered if there are any local Sphynx's in this awesome group. If not, I’d love to meet you anyways. I'm always looking for new friends.
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Purred: Thu Jan 18, '07 7:38am PST 
I'm not Canadian but my humans are, so we'll be moving back to Canada in 2009. Don't yet know where, since my human dad is an officer in the Canadian Forces, so we don't know where we'll be posted then.

Nice to meet you. smile

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Purred: Mon Feb 19, '07 9:48pm PST 
Hi, I am from Texas. But my humans are Canadian.
Just think bringing me from a warm place like texas to the frozen north!!??
OK we live in Victoria BC....its not frozen....but sooo much colder than Texas.


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Purred: Wed Feb 21, '07 3:34pm PST 
Hello! I'm not Canadian but American, and my humans are Mexican. Do you know any Mexican sphynxes out there?



Purred: Thu Apr 19, '07 5:36am PST 
I can't believe I missed this message! Yes, you have a fellow Canadian -- Dobby and I live in Toronto. smile