Single & Meowing

Miss Topsy- *RIP*- 10-2-15

Single AGAIN!!- :(
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Hispanic Female Kitty: Looking for a Male Kitty my age. Likes movies, watching the aquarium, making biscuits on loved ones & dining out.

Miss Topsy

♥Shor- ty♥

single hotty!
Purred: Wed Jul 11, '07 2:43am PST 
Mt brother Lil Jimmy would probally want to date you but he's takenbig grin
But whoever wants a girl that likes moveis, can't spel {obviesly},
likes kittens{i have 5, going away soon}, is sarcastic, likes talking, loves food, and likes talking long walks out past midnight.
If any cute guy is interested p~mail me!!
whan tou get 2 my page, do you liike it?
tell me that too!!kitty
luv anyone who p~mails me!!cheer


-iTs aLl AbOuT- ME!!!-
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I used to have a lover but now I am single...anyways I like a boy who is a real gentelman and will treat me like the princess I am....must be very refined and not a nasty kitty who fights or goes out at midnight , cause my humans dont like that. Also I like kittys who also luv to hunt like me.... anyone interested?


-iTs aLl AbOuT- ME!!!-
Purred: Sun Aug 31, '08 6:22pm PST 
forget that! I am already taken , as of tonight , by the beautiful simon who came to vist me from across the street. sorry guys , but maybe it wont work out , so keep your hopes up...its not oficial yet!
Lots of luv
Michiscloud 9

Felix Mersado

Single again
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Miss Topsy are your really Spanish. So am I!

Oh I'm single too by the face