The Big Reveal - Who our Secret Kitties Are!!

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Head of- household
Purred: Wed Dec 20, '06 12:30pm PST 
I got to see what my Secret Santa sent me today. I love my new toys, especially the catnip. Thank you so much, Lydia! I'll post a picture in the stroll and be sure to check soon for a new video.

Sneakers, I- miss you

Got Milk?
Purred: Wed Dec 20, '06 6:24pm PST 
Hey Orca I told my mom you said she should let me open it so she did! Oh my it's SO COOL! I loveee it! And the treats are yummy, when mom tried to show me the cool play center thing I knew she was holding one of the bags of treats so I kept looking for those instead hehe...
I took some pictures and I will upload them soon!

Summer - 5.30.02 - 10.19.12

Where's my- Daddy?!
Purred: Thu Dec 21, '06 8:19pm PST 
YAY! *Does a happy dance* I got my presents today!!!!! I got a neat kitty glove with all mice attached to the fingers and catnip treats and catnip toys!!! Meow meow meow!!!! Thank you so much Bruce!!!!! You are a wonderful Secret Santa!


Did I just hear- the treat jar- rattle?
Purred: Thu Dec 21, '06 8:43pm PST 
I got my gifts today too!!! thank you Tabby!!!! Those feathery things are great. I played with them all night. Mom stepped on one on her way down the steps to feed us this moring. (he he he) It was kinda funny cuz Mom had just gotten out of bed and could barely open her eyes and she yelped real loud. I tired not to laugh... Thank you Secret Santa!

Tabby (Tabitha)

Attention hog!
Purred: Thu Dec 21, '06 9:02pm PST 
*giggles* I bet your Mom thought it was a tail! Glad you love your gifts! I still think it's funny that we got each other's names. smile

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Purred: Sat Dec 23, '06 3:17pm PST 
You're welcome Orca! We hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Our Secret Santa was Simba (The Wild Child!). He's one of my bestest buddies from the Late, Late Show! Mom took some pics of us having fun with our presents, but she has to find out where she put the SD card so she can transfer them to the computer. (Silly Meowmie--always losing that card!) Simba sent me a HUGE bag of Temptations treats--yummy! I shared all my toys with Nigel, Isis, Kahlan and Tabi. Tabi LOVES the feathertoy with the colorful feathers and I love the SmartyKat feather toy--it matches my fur! Tabi ran away with the feathertoy. mol Thanks Secret Santa Simba! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Purrs and headbutts,
Gim and Fam

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