What sort of job do you have?

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What do us kitties do for a living? What kind of business do we have?

Here's what I do:

I own a manure business called SF Industries. I got started in it because I always felt that it was such a waste to just flush away the "contents" of my litter box. I felt that there must be something I could do with all of that stuff. Then one day my owners and I were out buying a bag of wood chips for the garden. And then I saw it. Manure! I asked my owners about it because I knew I smelled potential. Upon learning of its contents I knew that I was onto something. Long story short - I began to package my litter box "contents" and it now sells like hot cakes...or, uh, crapwink

My other business is a consigment shop. That's a smaller endeavour and so there's not much to say about that one.

Write about what you do!

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Mommy is an Avon lady, so Tabby, Skylar, Lydia, and I are all Avon kitties and help her. She also makes rubber-stamped and embossed greeting cards and sells them. You can see pics of me helping Mommy with Avon on my page. We love the boxes!

Rits 2/2004 - 9/6/14

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Good kitties! You guys are obviously hard workers.

Siouxsie Mew

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My sister and brother and I write an advice column for cats and their people called Paws and Effect (http://www.paws-and-effect.com). My now-in-spirit sister Sinead and I started the column almost four years ago now. Thomas joined us a couple of years ago, and he's been a great help with the "boy stuff." And after Sinead left her body, Mama adopted Dahlia, and now she's a writer in training.

We're lucky to have such a devoted mama; she serves as our secretary and webmaster, and she's made some cool designs that we put on shirts and stuff to sell to help support our site.

We're delighted to meet other working kitties!


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Hi! I'm a working cat too. I'm a 'therapy pet'. My job consists of being petted, so that's a great job to have. I go visiting three times a month at a minimum; the humans push me in a stroller, and I get petted by elderly humans. Sometimes they put down a blanket, and I know I'm supposed to sit or lay on the blanket with the elderly people. I love it, and they really enjoy it too! Although I'm not as happy when my humans make me dress up in costumes when I go out, like for "Halloween" or whatever they call it. But I will put up with it, after all, it's my job!

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Siouxsie Mew, Sinead, Thomas, Dahlia, & Muppet,

You are all hard working kitties. Thank you for joining working cats.

And thank you to all of the kitties who have taken time to tell about their jobs. Your presence is appreciated.

More to come.

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I am so excited to meet other working cats. I write a weekly column for a newspaper (The Lennox Indpendent) that my humans own. I live at the newspaper office so I am also in charge of greeting people. My humans like me so much, they wear t-shirts with my picture on it.

When I am not writing or visiting with customers I usually sleep on an office chair, curled righht up behind one of my humans. They sit toward the front of the chair so I have enough room. Like I said, they really love me.

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I followed Todd here, he lives only a few miles from me!

I try to get my paws into everything. I've modeled for a few picture books my primate wrote, and I'm fond of videoblogging which landed me on TV on CBS this past Superbowl Sunday.

Most recently, after several requests from cats frustrated with having to shop in the dog section for fashion, I started a small feline fashion shop online.

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I am working on leash-training our six month old kitten, whom I hope will someday become a therapy cat. He is comfortable with meeting new people and riding around in the car.