Sigmond (Whitewhisker)

Purred: Tue Nov 21, '06 2:08pm PST 
My mama went to the flea market, (thankfully she left the fleas there) but when she was there she bought a new kitty book. she has been reading it all evening, i had to meow very loud so she would let me get on here. anyhow, i wanted to tell you about some of the books me and mama think are the best.

1. My cat saved my life by Phillip Schreibman. its about a kitty and his life with his human and how his human learned so much from him. my mama read that one and cried and cried and cried, then she scooped me up and held me all night. this book is a real tear jerker, but good.

2. The Autobiography of Foundini M. Cat by Susan Fromberg Schaeffer. Its about a cat, who writes the book himself, well he told the story to his human and she wrote it in his words. mama loved this one too.

3. The Norton Trilogy...its 3 books in 1. the first one is titled...The cat who went to Paris...the second is titled...A cat abroad and the third is titled...the cat who'll live forever.

4. this is the one mama got today...
The FurPerson. about a cat who has decided to stay with people as long as he lives. it is a short book so i think mama will be done with it this evening.

well thats the only first 4 that my mama really really loves.

if you all would like to share any books that your mamas have read, please do. i think it would be fun.

love to you all, big SIG =^..^=