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Sebastian- (1999-2013)

Mama\'s Baby Boy
Purred: Tue Dec 16, '08 11:15am PST 
I drool when I super happy, so yeah... I drool when I knead. I just don't drool exclusively for kneading! Rub under my chin and... oooooooooooooooow

I also drool when I'm super stressed at the vet, particularly when they want to do where the sun doesn't shine!


Purred: Tue Aug 17, '10 12:01pm PST 
Nope, I just knead.

My brofur Sonny is the drooler in the family, but he doesn't necessarily knead when he does it, and he doesn't do it all the time. Meowmy hasn't really figured out any kind of pattern.

Harrison- Dreamboat- #91

Gentle- tenderheart- carebear!
Purred: Fri Sep 2, '11 12:26pm PST 
I had to respond! I am an ultimate drooler!!! The minute I get on my mom's lap it comes a'flowin!!! She's got a little towel she keeps close now fur me so when I get in my nuzzle spot on her neck, I don't get her all soaked!happy dance

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