What else do you drown?


Purred: Wed Nov 8, '06 12:15am PST 
I decided my ducky needed to go for a swim today. I put my ducky (large stuffed animal, almost as big as me), springs, and sparkle balls (yarn puffies) in the water dish. Oh, and sometimes the whole towel that Mommy puts down to soak up the water I splash out. It soaks it up, all right! *turns to Mommy* See, Mommy, I'm trying to help! wink


Lily, the- Pricess Warrior
Purred: Wed Nov 8, '06 7:18am PST 
I like to drown anything that looks like a snake. Usually , my old collars. They buy me some goofy ones. The one I have now is pink, with rhinestones. I can't wait to drown this one, too.