Send Your prayers to Caney!

♥- Sneakers- ♥

Sneakers A. K.- A. the killer
Purred: Mon Oct 16, '06 6:28pm PST 
Please send your regards to Cane on this Forum! We hope you get better Cane!

Caney Cat

Where\\\\\\\'s- my Daddy?
Purred: Tue Oct 17, '06 2:28pm PST 
Thank you Sneakers!
I'm doing a teeny tiny bit better today but it's a long road ahead. Your prayers are so appreciated!
Caney Cat

Tabitha- Flower

If it's cushy,- it's nap time!
Purred: Mon Oct 30, '06 5:37pm PST 
Your very welcome Caney!!!!!!!!!!!