New collar and toy

LOVE MUFFIN- (deseased)

Purred: Mon Oct 9, '06 9:21am PST 
Mum gave me a pretty bright pink collar with two colorful shiney bells on it! She also gave me a toy mouse that has feathers sticking out of it's bottom and it rattles too! I really like it. Boy, it is not so bad here being given new toys and stuff like that. Right now I am sitting behind mum on her bed while she is on the computer. I have been following her around the house and when my new dad is here, I like to get up and lay on his enormous belly!


Mistress- Mischief
Purred: Mon Oct 9, '06 9:52am PST 
Oooo I want a nice new collar .. you look soooooo pretty!

Mum used to have collars on us, but the bells drove her nutso!


Mistress- Mischief
Purred: Mon Oct 9, '06 9:57am PST 
pssss btw I can't wait to meet your bro and welcome him into his new home. Glad you are all nice and settled in

*snugs and licks and purrs from Loki and Bast*

Toaster- Strudel

Fuzzy girl
Purred: Tue Oct 10, '06 5:44pm PST 
Love Muffin
My long lost housemate! Hello! Happy to see that you are so happy in your new home. I am a Daddy's girl, too!