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Tito's Shadow.
Purred: Fri Oct 6, '06 5:50pm PST 
I am so happy that there is a forum to keep up with all the wonderful kitties we met on the AZ kitty thread! We are hoping that our new sis . Strudel, will get here Sunday afternoon!
So, caped crusaders, what is our next mission?

Ashlye&heart- s;Delicious- Dazzle

The Boss
Purred: Sat Oct 7, '06 10:49am PST 
Hey as you all know my typist (Mommy) were busy...Thank you so much for the birthday wishes..Now is time to keep all update on the Arizona Kitties. Here they both are so good!!!


I am the ONLY- cat...that- counts
Purred: Sat Oct 7, '06 4:20pm PST 
Ashlye, I'm soooo happy everything is going well at your house and you are getting along with your new siblings!! Give Awnee and Jinx headbutts and licks for me and my brothers. Oh yah, and mom would like you to give them hugs and smooches for her too.


Ashlye&heart- s;Delicious- Dazzle

The Boss
Purred: Sun Oct 8, '06 9:37am PST 
Hey Clyde thank you so much...they are doing so good...sometimes looks that we are the new kitties and they were always here....hehehe


Mistress- Mischief
Purred: Sun Oct 8, '06 10:32pm PST 
Happy anniversary! Sebastian and Chester!
Happy birthday!Ash's mummy!

And a BIG thank you to everyone for helping these great kitties out. As soon as Wallace gets here I will take oodles of pics of him in his new home. Weee I should start a black cat rescue wink Have a house full of black kitties. I can't wait for Wallace to get here ... OOOOOO so excited. He is gunna be spoiled rotten and loved till his stuffin pops out ;}

Edward Wong- Hau ... the- 4th

Just wait till- you sleep....- ;-)
Purred: Sun Oct 15, '06 10:54pm PST 
i'm so happy to see everyone likes this forum.

i know i'm late, but happy birthdays and anniversaries to all. and purrs to everyone!

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