Shadow-Huntress- of Insects
Purred: Wed Aug 9, '06 10:25am PST 
My brother and I were being brushed today and our mommy couldn't believe the dandruff we had. She was wondering do other kitties have this problem and if so what do their kitties parents do about it.

Tini (Martini)

I'm a squeaker
Purred: Thu Aug 31, '06 7:47pm PST 
i get flakes on me too!! mommy said they are from my saliva and they make her sneeze. sadly my mommy gets rid of them by bathing me monthly. something i am not too happy about that. But the baths do keep my fur all nice and shinny and clean and i look and smell oh so nice!


Here I am!
Purred: Sun Feb 4, '07 7:37pm PST 
Feeding a high quality food rich in vitamins usually helps with dandruff. My human also mixes lecithin granules in with my moist food which virtually eliminated my dandruff and made my coat shiny and fabulous.