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Elisabeth Ann

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Lets all use this thread to tell a little bit about ourselves! smile

Hi my name is Elisabeth Ann, and I am a four year old maine coon mix. My owner rescued me from a Wal-Mart parkinglot when I was only six weeks old. A woman was giving me away after finding me along a hiking trail snuggled between my dead mother and six siblings. She said it looked like we were attacked by a stray dog or some other wild animal. Sadly, me and my brother were the only survivors.

Today, I am a very happy kitty. I enjoy eating things I am not supposed to, laying on top of my owner's book while she is trying to read, stampeding around the house at night, AND OH YEAH DID I MENTION EATING???

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he is a shy cat
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Meow, I am Charlie, born 10-04-2000 in Zurich, Switzerland with two sisters.