Feisty Cat


Purred: Thu Jul 13, '06 7:33am PST 
My mommy is a little worried about me because i seem to be very aggressive towards other kitties that come near my house! They come over and look into the windows at me and i just go crazy and try to get out through the windows to get at them!

I have even torn apart a screen in the window trying to get at one kitty that was teasing me! (don't tell the landlord, ok)

Mommy has to be very careful to leave the windows open in fear that i will attack again, and she would really like to bring a friend home for me someday but she isn't sure if i would be nice to them or not.


Itchy Licker
Purred: Thu Jul 20, '06 7:29pm PST 
Hi! Did you know that there are natural things that you can take for your agression to relax you a bit? My mommy got some for me because I was a little timid of everything and it calmed me down some and made me braver. There are "remedies" for all sorts of things. And the remedies just make it easier for us to deal with whatever is bothering us. Dr. Evans in Chester Basin practices holostic medicine and he is great with it, maybe you should get your mommy to call him!

Callie Rose

I See You
Purred: Mon Jul 9, '07 10:01am PST 
Hi my mommy is little nervours aout getting me a friend but she have to work on Dad some to about another furball