How did you get named?


Thats MISS- Lizzie to YOU!!!
Purred: Mon Jun 26, '06 9:50am PST 
I was named after Lizzie in Lizzie McGuire. Dahlila was named after the dog in HWB2.


The Little- Princess
Purred: Thu Jun 29, '06 8:48pm PST 
I was named after Marie the kitten from Disney's The Aristocats

Spencer (RIP 3/10/09)

Spencer's- Mountain
Purred: Sat Oct 11, '08 1:46pm PST 
Technically I was named after a family name from a play(the play was based on a book), BUT, the same author(Earl Hamner Jr.) wrote another book with the same family, and it was made into a movie. Spencer's Mountain. Before they were called The Waltons, his fictional family was called The Spencers!
Mommy gave me this name because on her way home from auditioning for the play The Homecoming(also made into a movie, but in it they were called The Waltons), I ran out in front of her car. She got out, scooped me up, and brought me home, and here I am! She says I was good luck, too, since she got the part she wanted!