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Of course I'm- silly!
Purred: Wed Jun 21, '06 10:22pm PST 
How did you get your new home? Share the story on where you're from and where you are now! Did you come from a shelter, a breeder, or a friend? Let me know!


Little Bit

Die cancer! - Die!
Purred: Fri Jun 23, '06 5:00pm PST 
I came from the SPCA in Charlottesville Virginia. I was a stray, so not much is known about my background. I was 6 months old when I arrived at the SPCA and the bosses were the first to apply to adopt me. When nobody claimed me in 7 days, I went home with them.
That was 9 years ago as of July 1st this year. The best 9 years of their lives, I'd like to tell you!


Mr. Loo,- SuperGenius
Purred: Fri Jun 23, '06 5:03pm PST 
Hiya Coco!
I was born in a log cabin in rural Kentucky. Oh, wait, no, that was President Lincoln. People are always getting us mixed up.
AnyLoo, I was one of a litter dropped off at the Lexington Humane Society 4 years ago. I was the last to be adopted. I know this is a shock but it was because I had a GI parasite otherwise I'm sure I would have been first. I was the cutest. By far. Still am.


Of course I'm- silly!
Purred: Sat Jun 24, '06 1:59pm PST 
I actually came from a breeder in Wolcott, Indiana. My daddy is allergic to dogs, but my Chelsea found out about Goldendoodles and how they were hypo-allerginic. She then found Little Doodles from Sunshine Acres. That is where I was born and well-taken care of. (I was a lucky pup to be so loved from the beginning.) My family would have adopted from a shelter, but because of the allergies, we couldn't. And now I am living with my family in Brownsburg, Indiana where I am still loved!


Sadie Boo (1994-2009)

Born to bark
Purred: Mon Jun 26, '06 7:49pm PST 
Mommy adopted me when I was a wee 8 weeks old from an adoption agency called "Second Chance Pets" Mommy saw that they were going to be at a pet store so she stopped in, saw me, fell in love and took me home.

Klemy Q-Tip

Where's My- Q-Tip?
Purred: Mon Jun 26, '06 7:54pm PST 
I was left on a doorstep in a box at 4 weeks old. Some human found me and rushed me to the vets where my Mommy worked at the time. Mommy leaned against my cage right after I was brought in and I was hunched up & hissing at her. Mommy turned around and asked where I came from. It was close to closing time and nobody was available to take me home and feed me. Mommy, being the big sucker that she is, took me home to foster least that is the story she told Daddy, MOL! Daddy fell in love with me...thus how I got my new home.

KITTY Rainbow Bridge

Purred: Mon Jun 26, '06 7:59pm PST 
I was found at 4 weeks old, lost, full of fleas & very hungry in the lumberyard that Daddy worked at. It was 5 minutes till Daddy was off to enjoy his weekend...then he spotted me. After swearing alot, Daddy set off to capture me. He finally got me, took me home and fed me every 4 hours, got me all clean & healthy. At this time in Daddys life he didn't want a cat. He just called me Kitty, didn't want to get attached to me, figured he would find me a new home. This September I turn 14 years old. Seems Daddy got attached, MOL!

Keisha Rainbow Bridge

My heart belongs- to Mylo
Purred: Mon Jun 26, '06 8:01pm PST 
My Grandpaw bought me from a breeder as a gift to Daddy when I was 6 months old. Grandpaw figured Kitty needed some company and he knew I was spending most of my days in a crate and he wanted me to have a better life.

Angel Bandit

Snuggle Butt
Purred: Mon Jun 26, '06 8:03pm PST 
Mommy's ex bought me from a pet store that sold rescued anilmals as a very early birthday gift. Mommy thought she was getting a leather coat and was shocked when her ex took her into the pet store and pulled little old me out of a cage and said "Happy birthday"

Stormy B. Naughty 2000-2008

Remember Me- Always
Purred: Mon Jun 26, '06 8:19pm PST 
Me story is sad, so Me will try to make it short. My doggie mommy died giving birth. Only my brother & me survived. We where rescued by a loving neighbor after our human left us in the yard to die. We went to a foster home where we were not taken proper care of. Me was very young, very sick and had wounds on me. The end of my tail was bitten off and Me had a huge hole in my paw. Me was fixed to early and my stitches were popping open and my belly was swollen from worms. Mommy & Sadie were still dealing with the loss of Bandit. Grandpaw told Mommy to go adopt another puppy, she was not replacing Bandit, but saving another life. Grandpaw gave Mommy $ to adopt a pup. Mommy promised grandpaw she would get a healthy puppy...then she saw sad little lifeless me and could not resist. Mommy was a a pet fair where a lot of rescue places were to adopt out pets. nobody was looking at me. I was in a tiny crate shivering in the back, a dog walked by and peed on my crate...Me was crying...nobody came...Mommy took me out of the crate and had to bring me home. The rest is history. Me happy, loved & healthy. Turns out Me was born on the exact day Bandit went to rainbow bridge. Me will be 6 years old on July 1st.
P.S. Me really not naughty, Me really is a good girl that rarely gets in trouble.

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