New Pet Boutique


Tuna Terror
Purred: Wed Jun 14, '06 8:35am PST 
Has anyone checked out that new pet boutique over by the Lord Nelson yet? I just saw it while I was walking by with my mom the other day and thought it looked good but it wasn't open at the time. I can't remember what it was called but I was wondering if anyone had gone to the grand opening or checked it out. It looked like they had mostly doggy stuff but there may have been more cat stuff I didn't see. Any other good cat curios around?


Purred: Thu Jul 13, '06 7:30am PST 
Hmm i didn't know there was a new Boutique by the Lord Nelson, but my Fur Mommy discovered Willows Pet Store on Dresden and just loves it!

She bought me a really nice Kitty Condo that goes up high enough that i can sit on the top (all carpeted and soft) and look out the window.

She also got me a honeysuckle stuffed mouse toy that i LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am not a cat nip fan but i go crazy for the honeysuckle!

The lady in the store was so nice too! She opened the store for my mommy just as she was closing up so mommy could pick me up some toys.

I highly recommend the store.