Torties Unite


Morgan- My guardian- Angel and Baby- Girl
Purred: Tue Jun 13, '06 11:33pm PST 
I am proud to shout outloud,
I am Tortie, have no fear.
When a Tortie is near,
You better get outta here.


Gorge Tortie!
Purred: Fri Jul 21, '06 9:13am PST 
Hey Morgan, great poem! We should have a contest, whoever writes the best poem gets a whole loada treats! (I would give a rossette but I don't have Catster Plus frown oh well...)


Gorge Tortie!
Purred: Fri Oct 6, '06 2:20pm PST 
Great poem! I'll have to learn that one. So how are all of the torties of the world doing? I haven't really been concentrating on my group, I am so sorry! I will try to update it more often from now on, so you will hear from me soon!