Had My Follow-up Yesterday (2 Jun 06)

Ashleigh (In- Loving- Memory)

Purred: Sat Jun 3, '06 5:53pm PST 
Hey Ya'll!
I went to see Dr. Lillier yesterday to get my follow-up exam & blood test! Dr. Jane said that I look REALLY good! I'm up to 7 1/2 lbs! Almost to my "lifetime weight" of 8 lbs, but she doesn't think I'll get that "fat" again wink She felt around my neck and said "good, I don't feel anything", checked my heartrate (170) which was down from the 200+ before...she said that was better, but of course she'd like to see it get down to +/-140. Then she stuck my leg frown frown She has to send out the blood test and should have the results Sunday and will call mom as soon as she gets them (probably Monday). All sounds REALLY good, and I can tell by mom singing more than normal that she feels better too smile I'll post more when I get the results!
Thanx soooo much for all of your purrs & rubbs smile


Purred: Tue Jun 6, '06 11:04am PST 
So glad your check-up went well, Ashleigh! Sorry about the stick in the leg, but we can all relate to that, I think. My veins are so bad that it took 3 or 4 sticks last time for me.... Anyway, it took me a few days to see your message! I always look at the group messages that are displayed and hadn't seen any new ones, but today I just happened to see there a "new" message in the space where they put the "new" and "hot" messages. Any results from the blood test? Sorry if I missed it....


I'm a fighter!
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Way to go! I'll keep my paws crossed that all continues to go well!