Where in Texas do you reside?

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Purred: Fri Jun 2, '06 8:39am PST 
Where in Texas does everyone live?

Zoey, my owner, and I are from the Southeast Houston area.

Katy Jane

Get out of my- space. Now.
Purred: Fri Jun 2, '06 8:07pm PST 
Hello all.
My name is Katy Jane and I and my step-siblings, Phoebe, Jasmine, Nina, Zoot, and Murray live in Aggie Country! We live in Bryan/College Station, home to Texas University and the fighting Texas Aggies.

I and Jasmine were born here, and my step siblings come from a strange land called Albany, California. I say a strange place, because they are indeed strange cats, and strange cats must come from a strange place smile

Katy Jane.


Mind if I step- on your face?
Purred: Fri Jun 2, '06 8:11pm PST 
I heard that.

Zoot-Frowning at Katy Jane.

*Zeb Carlyon*

one can never- get enough- sleep!!
Purred: Thu Jun 8, '06 9:37am PST 
I'm from Austin.


I'm a Mommy's- girl!!
Purred: Tue Jul 25, '06 1:36pm PST 
My family is from Katy!

Dierks- "Bentley"- Ford

Bentley Bitty- Bottom Rocks
Purred: Sat Oct 14, '06 4:23pm PST 
Kira, my kitty cat sister, and I live in Irving.


Purred: Sun Oct 15, '06 11:57pm PST 
Me and all my siblings live in San Antonio

Biko Mira- (In Memory)

Siamese Queen of- the Household
Purred: Thu Dec 21, '06 7:42pm PST 
Me and my people live in far north Dallas.

We're near the Operation Kindness no-kill shelter, which is where I met my human Daddy.


Can ya dig it?!
Purred: Fri Jan 19, '07 11:27am PST 
I was born & raised here in San Antonio, so was my brother Austin & puppy sister Star. My oldest brother Koko came from a far away place called Louisiana when my mommy used to live there. I sure am glad she moved here to San Antonio and found me!

♥Evan- esence&heart- s;

Kitty of Love
Purred: Sat Feb 24, '07 10:12am PST 
I live in Denton, TX with my mommy and daddy.

I like it because there are lots of trees and birds for me to tear up ma and pas blinds trying to look at.

kitty Eva

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