How did you get your name?

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George RIP 4/19/99 - 2/22/10

Bow down before- the one you- serve
Purred: Fri May 26, '06 12:06pm PST 
I was wondering how all of you received your unique and interesting names. Altho my name is plain, it comes from a great warrior..."George of the Jungle." Apparently when my parents adopted me and my sister, they had recently seen the movie about George of the Jungle and thought it would be cute to name us George and Ursula after these characters. Of course, Ursula went over the Rainbow Bridge long ago, but I still try to live up to the name "George the Jungle Cat" by acting as wild and savage as I can when the opportunity arises.


Silly Jas
Purred: Sun May 28, '06 9:46pm PST 
I was named when I was only a couple weeks mommy and daddy thought it was just...perfect for me!! Not much of a story there, but a good question!!

Sam (Rainbow- Bridge)

One day the- Sammy went- whammy....
Purred: Sun May 28, '06 9:49pm PST 
I was named by the adoption team that found me! When my mommy adopted me she kept the same she can make lots of nicknames out of it, hehe!

Smokey - (2002-2012)

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Purred: Tue May 30, '06 1:32pm PST 
My mommy and daddy named both of us kitties after their favorite movie, 'Smokey and the Bandit'. Everyone thinks it's so cute!


Mocha, the- wondercat!
Purred: Tue May 30, '06 9:31pm PST 
Right now my fur is a bit light but it will get darker for 1 or 2 more years. I'm mocha colored (or will be) and so that's how I got my name, Mocha!


Purss a lott
Purred: Fri Jun 2, '06 5:28pm PST 
All of us, Kaylen, Kavan and myself have old Celtic names. My Mom and Dad insisted they all started with K for some odd reason, you know, the logic of those adorable humans and all, hehe. But, my name, Kylie, is a old Celtic Irish name, which means, "attractive". My brother Kavan has a old Celtic Irish name which means, "handsome". My other brother, Kaylen, also has a old Celtic Irish name, which means, "lil warrior". I'm told that all the names were perfect fitting to us. I was even named before I was even born, giggles, how did they know I was going to be attractive? *giggles*

LiL Whiskers

Merry Christmas- and a Happy New- Year!
Purred: Sat Jun 3, '06 3:54pm PST 
I got my name because when my mommy adopted me when I was a little kitten I was realy small (thats how she got Little.) And my whiskers were noticeable. (thats how I got Whiskers.)

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Hand-painted by- God
Purred: Tue Jun 6, '06 1:21pm PST 
A vet tech (now a full-fledged vet) asked if she could take a litter of two week old kittens home and try to save them. A horrible lady brought them in to be put down. Only two survived. One, my mom named Kassie, came to live with her long before my sister and I were even a glint in my birth mom's eye. Kassie, it was discovered later was FeLK positive, getting the disease from her mom.

After Kassie went to the Rainbow Bridge four years later, mom and dad said they were going to name their next kitty after the vet tech (now their good friend) who tried so hard to save Kassie.

Her name is Rachel, and now so is mine.


Lazy, Lazy, Lazy
Purred: Tue Jun 6, '06 4:08pm PST 
My daddy loves Hunter S. Thompson. He said either the human child or the cat get named Hunter. I came along first and mommy said, the cat gets Hunter. (the human got called Max)


Dogs have- owners, I have- staff.
Purred: Wed Jun 7, '06 5:27pm PST 
Mom and her room mates were having a hard time all agreeing on a name and I went nameless for a week, but they finally settled on Jezabelle since they were all film students and mom just loves classic movies and Bette Davis (although, the film title is spelled different).

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