spoiled lil doggies rule specially dogs with clothes


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all dog owner who want thier doggies to be known for being pampered and well taken care of... come her. write down the latest doggie fashion accesories here. thanks... write anything from boots for dogs to branded dog clothes.

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Hey Lindsay,
I love your name...are u named after the Lindsay Lohan?
Love her.
Before we went to the lake this weekend...we were shopping for our new lake house and mom and lil mom begged dad to buy me this cute Pink Ballerina outfit from Target... MOm has to get a new camera and she will post pics soon of me in it!
Hugs to all.

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Ummm..doggy jewelry my mommy makes me lots and lots of doggy jewelry! I love them I have one for each of my outfits! XOXO, DUSTY

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well i just got my new clothes just one some home made dog jewelry hmmmm....... i wod like that im gonna ask my momcheercheercheer big grinbig grin