Calling all gray kitties


Cuddle me!
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Where are all the gorgeous gray kitties at? Lets hear from you all big grin I'm getting bored just sitting here licking my paws!
~ Misty

Samoa - Diva Angel

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Hey Misty!

I'm here, and I'll tell you what's great about being grey ~ it goes with just about any color!

Grey is the new black!


Can I have some- of that?
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I am here. My mommy has joined so many groups we just cannot keep up.

I have news. Mommmy read the Houston Chronicle this evening and learned about a Reality Show being held by Meowmix called MeowMix House starring us kitties.

Houston is sending what appears to be a grey and white tux kitty named Molly.

The URL to the online article is....

S o sorry I do not know how to make it active.


Samoa - Diva Angel

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Hey Murray - some other cats were talking about the Meowmix House and sent a link - you can probably find it at

We checked it out - pretty funny - 10 cats living in a house and they get voted off one by one (and adopted).

The website is cute - you can see past episodes (which must air on the Animal Planet? (not really sure))

Kisses ~


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Hi Misty,I am new to the group.I just wanted to say Hi.

Alistair, in- loving- memory...

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Being grey is wonderful. I look like a storm cloud. = ) Which fits my personality; ominous, dark and rumbling.... Meow!


Ms. Garbo!
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Miaow! I just joined the group and wanted to say hi!! wave


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Hello Friends!
I am also a new "Face" here!wave