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Purred: Mon Apr 24, '06 4:35pm PST 
Hey, Guys,

My friend Wiggy reminded me that I had been rather quiet lately, which is not like me at all. The thing is, I have to help Mama get ready for her law school finals, which are very difficult and time-consuming. I have had to sleep on top of books for Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Real Property, Evidence, and Criminal Pre-Trial Skills. I absorb all this information through my fur and then tell Mama what she needs to know. Fortunately, these books are very boring and I have no trouble at all sleeping on them.

Sirenita gave us all a fright. I was pushing Mama out the door to her appointment, when Sirenita started going "Ack! Ack!" We looked at her and were really scared. Sirenita was foaming at the mouth! We thought she had been poisoned. We followed her as she lurched and drooled around the kitchen, and I expected to have to perform CPR or something, when she finally stopped. All of a sudden, she was fine. I think she ate a bug that tasted bad. She eats flies all the time, but they don't bother her. It may have been a spider. Whatever it was, it didn't make a dent in her appetite. Mama was half an hour late, but at least Sirenita was fine. I suggested a violent romp to restore her spirits, but she preferred a nap.

Sirenita turned the tables on me at bedtime. I was all sleepy and went right to bed, but Sirenita was full of energy. Mama tried to put her in bed by me, and I even started cleaning her to calm her down, but she hopped around so much that I got disgusted and got up, wide awake. Then she took my spot on the bed! Clearly, this was her plan all along. Of course, that meant that Mama had to spend more time with me, so I could get sleepy again, so something good came of it.


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Ugh, Law School Finals? ICK! Well, I hope your mom does really well on them. She should after all that help you have given her. She is so lucky to have you around.

I'm glad Sirenita is OK after her bug experience. It's scary when a kitty is acting sick.



Danny Boy
Purred: Thu Apr 27, '06 4:05am PST 
My human sister is also studying for her law school finals. At least I don't live with her, but her cat Jinx tells me it's been rough! He says he's lucky she sleeps at all!
What year of law school is your owner in?