How old are you?


Queen of the- Collies
Purred: Tue Apr 4, '06 5:25pm PST 
Just curious if you don't mind me asking.

I turn 7 in 5 days! 7 is almost 10. Double digits. But of course you could never tell if you saw me running around and playing... I'm still a puppy at heart! wink

Chatchi- (R.I.P.)

In Memory of- Chatchi
Purred: Thu Apr 6, '06 8:32am PST 
I am 14 and my best friend Janine will be 24 in less then a month!!

chilli (In- loving- memory)

love me now!!
Purred: Sun Aug 13, '06 4:50pm PST 
I am seven and a half!

Kota Blue- Storm

Don't mind all- my fur!
Purred: Tue Aug 15, '06 5:39pm PST 
Well I'm a younin. My mommy whelped me on Jan 28th 2004. So that would make me 2 1/2.


Tamara Get Off- my Back!!!!!
Purred: Mon Aug 21, '06 4:37pm PST 
What an awful question-a lady should not be put into the position of having to answer(shock-gasp-outrage). I am a virtual baby!!! I will tell you a secret though-my mommy is turing 47 the end of the month-poor mommy I hope that isn't dog yearsBOL

Missy - MIA 2008

The Alpha Female
Purred: Wed Aug 23, '06 7:33am PST 
I am just turned a grand 10! I am the old lady of the house, ang get lots of special treatment because of it!!!

Brady Bleu

I don't care if- Lassie did it.
Purred: Sun Oct 22, '06 2:47pm PST 
I`m about 2 and half, and my sister Shadow is one and a half.


I solemnly swear- that I am up to- no good
Purred: Thu Oct 26, '06 2:33pm PST 
I amd 3 years old.


Give LOVE to get- LOVE-Adopt a- Dog!
Purred: Fri Apr 25, '08 11:09pm PST 
I'm about 5 years old happy dance