Thanks for the invite / Time for a quick note to my new friends


Purred: Wed Sep 26, '12 9:39pm PST 
Look, I don't have a lot of time. The DOG thinks this is his computer, the idiot, but he's bigger than me and likes to ruin my perfectly groomed coat. I've gotten hired on with this magazine to share my diary and could sure use your support. I'll read more posts when that BEAST finally goes to sleep! at-day-1

China- Thunderbear

Little Tasmanian- Devil
Purred: Thu Sep 27, '12 3:18am PST 
Hi Jack!welcome and welcome to our most pawsome, catabulous group, THUNDERCATS*.
*dogs* are indeed a pain. For some reason my humans have one, and I can't figger 'em out and don't want to.
Can't wait to read your diary writings!
Yours truly,
Opie the T. and Sophie and Topknot China Miss Priss Thunderbear, Admins.
THUNDERCATS* cheercheercheercheercheercheercheer

Smiley- Cassanova

Purred: Thu Sep 27, '12 12:43pm PST 
waveand welcomeJack!

Thanksh you fur joining ush! I knowsh you'll hash a good time here!cheer

Wow! That'sh furtabulous! Way to go!applauseway to go

Daisy Mae- Sunday Times

Duchess of Boxes
Purred: Thu Sep 27, '12 11:14pm PST 
(Presents a Thundercats welcome basket to the new kitty or kitties. Mewr basket contains catnip tea, lighting bolt shaped fish flavored cookies and a mousie.) 5.jpg


Purred: Fri Sep 28, '12 12:29am PST 
Hi, Jack
Nice to meet you buddywave