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Buddy-Budd- da Blue

I will have my- treats NOW!
Purred: Sun Sep 9, '12 12:00pm PST 
Hey Bluez
Yez I hide a bit when dem strange folk come an visitin.
Timmerz and Fitzer does too so ah dont feel lonely under da couch MOL

Ah purren fur every Momcat and Purrcat ta feel better soon to enjoy what I think will be a very nice fall.

Buddy Bud

Solomon ((In Loving Memory))

That`s King- Solomon To You! - Mol`
Purred: Sun Sep 9, '12 2:06pm PST 
Afternoon Kitties,

Mac, I love your pirate name!! That is so cool!! We`re sending purrs that Legaly comes home very.... very soon!!

Dexter, I hope your momcat & brofur Siggy is feeling better soon!!

I hope everyone had a nice week end..


The Bugster
Purred: Sun Sep 9, '12 3:46pm PST 
waveDexter I hope your momcat and Siggy feel better real soon.hug

I'm with you Missy, I hide under the bed though. I have company as only Abby and Tutti like strangers.dancing

Buddy Bud I like your kewl raft buddy, but what happened to your ship?shrug

You look way kewl Solomon in your pirate hat and eyepatch.applause

It's still over 100 here Spice E and we have another storm headed our way. It could pour any minuteshock

Still purring up a storm for Legalyhug

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Mr Mimmens
Purred: Sun Sep 9, '12 5:43pm PST 
Bugsy, dood, I cant believe its so hot where you arefrown Hope you are staying kewl with your a/c. Its been nice and kewl here today, it was a beautiful fall day. Hope everyfur is having a good weekend, I watched momcat do yardwork from the window this afternoon, nothing excitingkitty Momcat forgot to hide the sponge and she had to go around the house looking for it!applause I stole it and put it upstairs, teehee!!! She doesnt get mad at me, she thinks its cute. She has learned to either hide the sponge or to just stock up on them, she usually just buys them in bulkhappy dance..... My name is Tate, and Im a sponge thief! teeheee!!! have a good night everyfur, Love, Tatebig hug


Purred: Sun Sep 9, '12 8:45pm PST 
Dexter, we are purring that your momcat and brofur feel better soon!

Missy and Bugsy, my sisfur Ivy hides when company comes too! shock

Bugsy, I can't believe it's still so hot there! Fall is definitely creeping in here, the clouds are back. frown

Tate, that is really funny that you steal sponges! laugh out loud I bet it's fun to watch your momcat look for it! MOL laugh out loud

I am glad you all like my pirate name. wink

Queen Missy- of- Missylandia

I rule therefore- I am
Purred: Mon Sep 10, '12 2:18am PST 
Dexter, I wish your meowmy and brofur fast recovery. Tl was also suffering from disc problems, she had a hernia and had to be operated, so we all know how much pain your meowmy might be in. flowers

Tate, you are so funny: steeling sponges. You must be really cute when you carry the big sponge.

Bugsy, watch out, not to get wet. We have nice dry weather. Tl says the Danube is so low that the rocks on the bottom are visible, at least on the sides.

This morning Tl picked me up and we were standing in front of the window enjoying the sunbeams. I was purring and relaxed. She was happy. It was a nice way to start a week.

I wish you all a nice week.


The Bugster
Purred: Mon Sep 10, '12 4:46am PST 
waveMac happy Mondayshock

big laughTate, how fun it is to steal sponges, making your momcat look for them.big laugh

waveMissy, sounds like a purrfect way to start a day. Are you guys having a drought, is that why the Danube is so low?

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Queen Missy- of- Missylandia

I rule therefore- I am
Purred: Mon Sep 10, '12 5:11am PST 
Hello Bugsylie. It seems so that we have drought. It is good for the wine, but not so good for other stuff.


Mr Mimmens
Purred: Mon Sep 10, '12 5:21am PST 
Atleast the wine will be safe Missyway to go Is it the Hello Kitty Winewink I think we are all having crazy weather this year. We didnt have much rain at all this year, hope it doesnt make up for it in the winter time with snow.eek

Queen Missy- of- Missylandia

I rule therefore- I am
Purred: Mon Sep 10, '12 5:45am PST 
big laugh The wine will not be safe, cause in a drought a lot of humans are thirsty laugh out loud

Yeah, let us hope there will not be a lot of snow in the winter. I hate cold weather. Bugsylie, may I move to you, you seem to have always nice weather. I bring TL and CS and Lizzy too.way to go

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