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Spice E

I can get there- before you!
Purred: Thu Sep 6, '12 6:49am PST 
Hmmm...the Pirate name generator came up with Shark Tooth Bella, but I think I like Shark Lioness Tooth of the High Seas...OK that's me! Shark Lioness Tooth of the High Seas! Whew what a name...glad i don't have to put it on a shirt cause I'm not big enough to wear that much name.

Hi TJ, Bella, Smokey Joe, Raincloud, Bugsy, Missy, Daphne Rose, Jasmine, Mac and Tatekissingkissingkissing

Mac, we will continue the purr chain and hope Legaly comes home soon. It freaks mom out too to think of it.


Soft Angel- Huggs...- Raincloud ♥
Purred: Thu Sep 6, '12 9:28am PST 
Great name Spice E big hug

so worried about Legolas too frown I am gonna do some flying and try to spot him little angel


Purred: Thu Sep 6, '12 9:45am PST 
Spice E., I like your pirate name! happy dance

It`s a nice fall day here.. Sunny skies, and a nice fall breeze!

Bugsy, that is a pawesome picture of The Russian Blue Beard Ship! happy dance

Daphne-Rose, you are right. We will be the most feared pirates in all of the seven seas! laugh out loud

I hope everyone is having a wonderpurr Thursday!


The Bugster
Purred: Thu Sep 6, '12 3:27pm PST 
waveBella I'm glad your grandkids are feeling betterparty

I love your pirate name Spice E, T.J., Bella, we all have such pawsome names. We will have the most feared crew on the high seas. Our ship is skeery and we blues will make them think twice. big laugh

Tasty Tate of Cupcake Cove, my momcat is in the galley making us cupcakes and grog for our journey. She will be busy for a few days tending to our needs.big laugh

Daphne-RosewaveMissywaveRaincloudwave I'm so glad you can all make the journey. I'm still purring up a storm for Legaly. Raincloud I know you and he angels are looking for him and will help guide him home.hug


Mr Mimmens
Purred: Fri Sep 7, '12 3:46am PST 
Kewl name Spice Ekissing Us blues rock! Our pirate ship is going to be the best, I cant wait to set sail!! When are we leaving? Momcat said she wants to go with us so that way she wont have to go to worksmile Humans! I told her to go to work and make money for my thongs and cuppycakeshappy dance Hope everyfur is doing good and staying safe. we are still purring and praying that Legaly comes home. Love, tate

Spice E

I can get there- before you!
Purred: Fri Sep 7, '12 4:49am PST 
AYEEEEE all! I think I'm Shark Tooth Lioness of the High Seas! You can call me Shark Tooth for short, cause it's a LONG name!!!!big laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laugh

Tate, make sure mom doesn't stop working and not get the thongs or the cuppycakes. Can't have them missing that. I make sure mom goes every day too. Food and knowbig grin

Hope all are having a pawsome day!

Spice E

I can get there- before you!
Purred: Fri Sep 7, '12 4:51am PST 
Oh by the way...Hi Tatekissingkissingkissing

Smokey Joe- Angel- Dreamboat #9

Remembering Baby- Boy Blue
Purred: Fri Sep 7, '12 6:59am PST 
wave Ahoy Matey's~! Good show, Shark tooth~! laugh out loudwink Tate looking good mate, we'll sure to be stocked up on our massive beast like ship~! Bugsy, great shot of our Russian Blue Beard~!! applauseway to go
Avast!!! The Blue Beard's are coming~!! AYE~! Now let's all go grab some grog~!! party

Grog fur me Heartys~!


The Bugster
Purred: Fri Sep 7, '12 11:40am PST 
waveShark Toothwavecheer Great namecheer Tasty Tatecheercheerbig laugh No momcats allowed on this cruise they must go to work and give us what we need.laugh out loud Smokey Joewave I hope you are going to help guide us thru rough seaswavewave

How do you all like the name Cap't Bugster the Bold?way to go


Purred: Fri Sep 7, '12 12:07pm PST 
Ahoy me hearties!

Bugsy, I love the name Cap't Bugster the Bold! That is such a cool name..

Smokey Joe, that grog looks good!

When do we set sail?

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