Rocking Redheaded Easter Plans!

Yolo "Cowboy- Kitty Angel"

This is a job- for The Cowboy- Kitty
Purred: Thu Mar 29, '12 9:29pm PST 
What's we Red heads gonna do? Do we dye all our eggs red or orangelaugh out loud

Or do we expect EGGselent service on Easter weekend? Well let's have a Red Head Cat Chat bout it!


Maneki- Neko(beconing- cat)
Purred: Mon Apr 2, '12 11:05am PST 
wave we'll be watching the grandson's hunt Easter Egg's dancing They are going to have plastic ones with candy inside hi5


Feral Girl born- to be wild
Purred: Thu Mar 21, '13 7:39am PST 
Mom calls us all together and tosses treats for us! It is special and we enjoy it!!cheerwavewave


Prof Mango, Esq - smarter than you- think
Purred: Mon Mar 25, '13 5:50am PST 
we will get treats from Mama and Papa, and maybe some from Grandma's house too. dancing


Growing Up Happy
Purred: Mon Mar 25, '13 6:38am PST 
I heard them talk about a leg of lamb and someone named Rosemary better watch out!!laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud they are gona roast her, oh my!wavewavewave


The Tanner- Brigade.ning The- Big Backyard
Purred: Wed Mar 27, '13 5:32am PST 
laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud Precious laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

Mom usually gets us a different food to add to the regular stuff and then adds treats to that.. It is awesome!wishes


Purred: Thu Mar 28, '13 6:02am PST 
We have a special dinner....all to ourselves!
And we gets treats the Easter Bunny leaves.