2012 Spring Fling Fishing Trip!

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Thibodeaux- *MISSING*

I'm not fat!
Purred: Sun Mar 25, '12 9:02am PST 
As Nana is going fishing this afternoon she says I have to quietly play on my own today. Since I look like a pink plush toy, I believe I shall do inside activities for the rest of our trip. I really enjoyed fishing with everyone!

Good Luck everyfur!

Nonny - DG # 10

Purred: Sun Mar 25, '12 12:02pm PST 
laugh out loud

Wow, a million lb fish? We could feed every cat in the world.

I am gonna see what's biten' today.


Life is short so- get carried- away!!
Purred: Sun Mar 25, '12 1:13pm PST 
I've had a hard time all weekend logging onto Catster-so I got here through yahoo somehow-will try to get some fishing in before the trip is over. wave

Buddy - Our Gentle- Angel

The Boss of the- Bunch and- Guardian Angel
Purred: Sun Mar 25, '12 1:34pm PST 
Thank your Nana for the good food , Bud.
Wow,those taters were tasty..

I love the Pub..what a nice place to relax and tell 'fish stories".

I have caught a few fish today

39 and 40lb lb snook, a 35 lb Barracuda, 7 lb Jack Cravelle, 15 lb Cobia, a 10 lb spotted sea trout, and a 5 lb spanish mackeral.

At Kenai, I caught King 62 lbs and a Dolly Varden at 28 lbs.

Pooters, I have had some trouble, too. Once I get beyond the main page, it takes a long time to load.

Hopefylly, they treat the fleas soon.

I think I am heading to the Pub for a snack. Hope to see some of you there. wave

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Tig DaCatt!
Purred: Sun Mar 25, '12 2:08pm PST 
Pooters! Buddy! Glad you could make it! Have you tried Google Chrome? That usually works best for me.
I tried River Fishing again...I caught--

6 Trout,4.48,5.02,6.49,6.39,6.02,& 7.35 kg!

I also added some dominoes,cards & board games for the Pub to go with the English Pub Pool games. I'm starting to like that snooker game....


Tig DaCatt!
Purred: Sun Mar 25, '12 5:06pm PST 
The fish have started frying & grilling,they should be ready in a few minutes....if anyone wants to keep fishing,they can,just come out to the Beer Garden in the back yard of the Pub when you're ready for some fish...you can order your favorite sides & drinks at the Pub,too!


I look so- innocent when- I'm sleeping.
Purred: Sun Mar 25, '12 6:26pm PST 
Howdy, howdy! Is it cool if I join in the fish fry even if I didn't catch anything? Mom decided she was going to do some spring cleaning today. shrug I'll see if maybe I can catch some fish for dinner!


I look so- innocent when- I'm sleeping.
Purred: Sun Mar 25, '12 6:37pm PST 
OMC - I'm doing lake fishing and I caught a 600 pound crucian. Is that even possible? eekeek Yum!

Oh! And now a 1,000 pound Bream! Maybe these are in something other than pounds?

This is so much fun!


Tig DaCatt!
Purred: Sun Mar 25, '12 6:43pm PST 
I believe those are in kilograms....I'll check to see if those are records....how do you like the new Pub?


Tig DaCatt!
Purred: Sun Mar 25, '12 6:45pm PST 
The Bream is a new record for Lake Fishing!applause

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