Is there a way to 're-introduce' a cat that doesn't like the rest of the clowder?

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Hi Everyone,

It is now over a year that I am here. Mommy says it's like the Jimmy Buffett tour 'the year of still here'!
Mommy wanted to know if anyone has had experience reintroducing a cat into a clowder when the cat doesn't like the rest of the cats?
When Mommy and Daddy first got me, I probably wasn't feeling very well. I tolerated the others fairly well.
However, now I'm feeling well, and in March I was segregated into the bedroom when I instigated a 'free for all' (I got into it with Bella, then Smokieboo attacked her, then me-and me very viciously-he let Bella go almost immediately). It was only when Ruffy ran and he went after Ruffy that he released me and Mommy scooped me up and put me in the bathroom. I got an ouchie on my stomach, and since I had had surgery 2 a few months before I was in the hospital for a week. The Vet warned mom not to let me out with the others, and so I remain, witha room to myself.
Mommy has begun to feel, though, that this is not great for me. I'm always alone when my pawrents aren't at home and I get attention when they are here in the bedroom, but when they aren't I'm by myself.
Mommy consulted a behaviorist friend, but she stated that she wasn't sure how she'd proceed, as I appear to be the one that doesn't like others, and she feels that Smokieboo, as head of the clowder, was just 'keeping order' by stopping the fighting and 'getting rid' of the dissadent! She could offer no ideas on reintigrating us.
Mommy has been carrying the CK kitten into my room. I hiss and growl but she hasn't put him down near me to find out what would happen. Daddy has carried me out into the living room, but I hiss and growl at the others.
Does anyone have any ideas? We live in a 2 room apartment-just a livingroom/kitchen area and a seperate bedroom where I reside.

Natalie the Natcat