Toy poodle helps rescue man from burning home


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Now a little pooch saves a man..... AWESOME
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WEST JORDAN, Utah (AP) ? Authorities say a toy poodle saved a life in Utah by leading firefighters through his owner’s smoke-filled home to a man asleep in the basement.

The Salt Lake Tribune ( ) reports that the dog named Ted was spotted by paramedics responding to the fire in West Jordan early Friday. Officials say that when they tried to catch Ted to bring him outside, he headed downstairs instead.

They say he waited until they caught up with him, then led them to a 19-year-old man who was sleeping on a couch in the basement.

Authorities say the man was treated for smoke inhalation and the dog was not injured. A woman and two children had already escaped the fire, which was possibly caused by a gas leak.

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Ted sure is a great poodle!

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Welcome to Poodleville University, Romeo!


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Oh thank you!!! I am glad to be here.... i made a new group called Spoiled Toy Poo Poo's(toy poodles). If you are an owner you will LOVE this group i promise

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We are almost toy poodles. We are very small miniature poodles.


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wave Romeo,

thanks for the article. I always knew us poodles could be just like Lassie!


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Hi Romeo, Jeannie, Nora, Marleywavewavewave

We poodles are a clever and tenacious bunch! Yay Ted for job well done!


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Thank you guys for welcoming me here i am glad to be here, i am going to put up a new article. I think we need to know about our Poodles.
Well, thanks again.

Remember i made as group called Soiled toy poo poo's (toy poodles)


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Poodles rulerainbow


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They sure do!