2011 Holiday Card Exchange


Tail Waggin'- Mutt
Purred: Fri Oct 21, '11 12:24pm PST 
f you would like to participate in the holiday card exchange, please sign up no later than November 10th. This gives you plenty of time to get all your cards ready and to be shipped out. Depending on how many sign up, if it's a lot and you can't ship out a lot of cards then you can either ship to a list of 10 or 20 kitties.

Message me your shipping address. Cards should be shipped out by December 1st. I will message you all of the pups shipping addresses so that you will be able to send them a card!

Kitties participating in the holiday card exchange -


Queen of the- Cheetahs and- Wiggy's Wife!
Purred: Mon Oct 24, '11 8:48am PST 
I LOVE getting cards! I get more than the humans MOL!