adding another cat to a multiple cat household


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We are looking for any and all advice,on this topic. We did this several years ago when I came to live here (mom found me on the streets) with boo, and now we are buddies, I chased her a lot when I first got here, when we went in to get my little boy cat surgery the vet said the reason for the chase is because I was no longer a kitten and had reached my big cat stage it would all get better after the surgery and it did.
Ok spring forward to today, boo and I also now live with the three others that moved in here as tiny babies and grew up here, we all get along VERY good. My mom has moved into the house the furmom of the three kittens (moe, callie, tiny)and she is chasing every cat except for Callie ( I think cause she don't run from her but growls and hisses at her) the rest of us do run from her she is a thug cat.She has been here since the last week of June and allowed to roam for 2 1/2 weeks, only when mom is here to supervise, and end the fights. Ok sorry that was a long post, we just want advice. The introductions have been very slow and the scents were mixed very slowly before the new Ivey cat was turned lose for any amount of time with us. Mom has done for her just what she did for boo and I when we met and also that is the way she introduced the (there were 4) kittens to us two. Why is she still chasing us, is it just still too soon?

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Some kitties take longer to adjust. It could be that she's still protecting her kittens. Have you tried Feliway? We've heard that it sometimes helps. Then again, some kitties are just plain mean like our Lilly-Rose. When she gets in a mood she smacks anyfur around silenced She's just plain cantankerous and most of us have learned to keep our distance shrug