Has anyone come across the following?


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One of mom's friends has a foster momma cat that she had a question about. Mom told her friend that the cat needs to see a vet ASAP, but she's curious if any other humans have had, or heard about, a similar issue with their cats?

Here's what mom's friend told her -> "One of my mother cats has a problem walking. Every once in a while her back legs just slide out from under her or go limp. She's eating every thing in sight and pooping well. Feeding her 3 (10-12 day old) babies non-stop. I thought maybe her legs were asleep from laying in one possition with the kittens so I let her walk around for 5 or 6 min....still doing the same thing. She's on meds for a UTI, but I wouldn't think that has anything to do with it?"

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Have never heard of that but only had one cat who had kittens and that was a very long time ago. I agree with you, she should see a vet ASAP. You can also try looking in the forums too there might be some answers. Good luck and let us know

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Do you think she accidentally got a blow to her head?
Also, check for any bad stuff she could have gotten into.
Sounds serious frown
A vet could check her out but may get purrty expensive.
If she does her daily routine, then I wudn't bother her.
Gosh frown I don't know what to meow.
Hope she gets better, if she is nursin' kitties, maybe she is drained and needs supplements and extra nourishment flowers

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I jus' remembered! My MamaCat had a cat years ago that had 2 kittens. The kittens could not use their back legs. Her son would hold their back legs and teach them to walk. He called them "The Splat Brothers" anyway they learned to walk and grew up fine.

Their mama cat thought she was human and would eat lotion and/or anything she could find. Always did that. Maybe the chemicals got in her unborn kittens. Anyway all was good.

Not sure what you can use out of this story unless the mama cat is so hungry she is eating bad stuff.

Good luck and I will be purrin' big hug


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Sorry it took me a while to respond, for some reason catster doesn't always send messages/replies!

Here's what mom's friend told her:

"The vet checked her out, let her walk around a bit. He told me about a thing called eclampsia (sp) where a pregnant cat has her calcium depleted and then when she starts nursing, the calcium in her system sort of colapses and the animal can barely move by the time she gets to the vet. Fortunately, all it takes is a calcium shot to fix, and it starts to work (a miracle) during the shot. The vet didn't rule out past injury, plus, laying for hours in one possition with the kittens could have cramped circulation. Happy to say, that's so much better, or at least, I no longer need to panic about it."

Mom and kittens are doing better according to a more recent post!

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relieved Thanks for the update! So very glad to hear all are doing so well party

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It sounds like a neuropathy issue (nerve disorder).

I agree, definitely the Vet ASAP.

There are many cats that live with this and either learn to drag themselves around or get a wheelchair made for them (or you can get instructions on how to make one.

But I would definitely take to the Vet to rule out any other illness that may be attributing to the problem!

My mommy is Red Cross Certified in dog and cat emergency first aid; she generally always recommends the Vet.

(Any possibilty kitty got out and may have been partially run over?)

Mine, my families and mommy's prayers are with you! Kitty will be okay!

There's a site just for handicapped cats, (I have 6 special needs), but sometimes it gets overloaded with cross-posters for urgent need to get cats out of situations (handicats, of course). Nice people there.

Keep us in the loop-de-loop!


~ Tiny D.