NY apartment living....we're not sardines, momma-dealing with 5 cats in 2 rooms

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Well, actually, thanks to Smokie attacking Natalie, Natalie now lives in the bedroom. So we're in one room. Mommy does her best to make us happy and wants more room, but NY is expensive. Her friend a vet tech says 'well, they will have to deal with it, it sure is better than being outside.' But our mommy feels guilty. Princess is up for adoption, but only if the people meet mommy and daddy's standards, which are high. And only because Big Vet said that she believes Princess is the one who 'stirs the pot' being the last in, and very dominant, for all of her 7 or so lbs.

Does anyone else have any advice on how to keep cats happy in a small space? We do have a cat tree!

because Princess even chases me and my arthtitis has been at me lately.

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we don't have a lot of room either, but we have a loft so there's an upstairs and downstairs. We have a big cat tree. most of us get along most of the time. but, if someone is really acting up, and meowmy can catch them, they get time out in the bathtub/shower. meowmy is also very good with that squirt bottle thingie shock


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We have a 10 cat purrfamily in a two bedroom apartment. Gets tight but we have 3 pieces of furniture with doors that stay open and cat beds are inside. And one cat tree on our upstairs back porch with a cat door in the porch window so we can lay out back. A cat bed on the couch and in 2 chairs. Two windows with perches.

We have lots of cat places in regular places. That helps cheer